Q: Should I be feeling anxiety by observing the site?

A: That depends on the viewer.

Q: Is the site active?

A: The site has been left in a passive state.  Data or news articles are no longer collected and populated into or posted. Upon the discovery of active global behavior patterns that, in some cases, could be predicted with a fair amount of accuracy, or even have a sizeable social impact if revealed, it had been determined to cease the posting and commentary of such articles and their patterns, especially when considering the site design itself.

Q: So what?

A: Though one might imagine that the tentacles of conspiracy could be found everywhere, few might suspect these tentacles do in fact lead to the same place.  They have been in place for thousands of years.

Q: How to navigate the site?

A: Besides the standard top menu, which is a listing of major news categories, and the lefthand menu, which is a listing of topics, the footer menu is broken down into a set of four (4) dogmas which were originally set up to classify news articles relating to various standards of ethics.

Q: How to find clues?

A: Clues are found by studying each image, the order of images, and/or the summation of certain sets of images that are found along the right margin.  Additional clues can be found by a hovering cursor.

Q: For what purpose are the suggested External Sources?

A: The External Sources lead to other sites of data used for cross-referencing patterns found across news articles and within them.

Q: How were the articles collected?

A: Out of dozens of apps tested for the browsing of news articles, Flipboard was the chosen app for its ease of news perusal and for its social integration features.  Articles that met the criteria for categorization were captured.