VIDEO: ‘Portal to Hell’ – Claims of demonic possession in Gary, IN


TV ghost show presenter buys ‘portal to hell’ house for $35,000

The DΨvil in the dΨtail: [MAILONLINE] Inside the ‘Portal to Hell’ –  Relative gives investigators tour of haunted Indiana home where ‘possessed’ children were ‘chanting satanically’ and saw ‘ugly, black monster’.

  • MailOnline has obtained exclusive audio and video footage from the exorcisms of Latoya Ammons
  • She who was ‘possessed’ along with her three children after moving into home in Gary, Indiana, in 2011
  • Video shows police, utterly convinced case is real, being given a tour by Latoya’s mother
  • She claims children were ‘satanic chanting’ and saw ‘big, black monster’
  • Police audio also features a ‘demon’ rasping ‘hey’ in the basement
  • Sons were taken to hospital after one was inexplicably thrown in the house – while there a nurse and a CPS worker saw him ‘glide’ backwards up a wall
  • Town’s veteran police chief, Charles Austin, says basement is ‘portal to hell’ and he saw objects moving and shadowy people
  • He even claims he was ‘attacked’ away from the house by spirits
  • MailOnline also has obtained picture of ‘frozen’ finger of DCS worker who touched mystery ooze that was dripping in house. She never returned
  • Catholic priest Father Michael Maginot carried out exorcisms on Ammons in English and Latin and talks of his personal battles with named demons

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