VIDEO: The Atlantean Emerald Tablet and the Judeo-Christian Bible

1379553551-thoth+tabletThe DΨvil in the dΨtail: Bill Donahue presents his theory that The Emerald Tablet may have actually been written by an extraterrestrial race, and presents parallels to The Bible. Some take-aways from the lecture:

  • The Emerald Tablet dates back approximately 40,000 years, written by Thoth, an Atlantean priest-king;
  • Considered by some as the first account of civilizing savages by children or messengers of the sun;
  • Thoth declares he is to pass into the halls of Amenti just after setting down rules of guidance or wisdom from Atlantis for those who would come after him. “Amenti” would appear as the first reference to Amen or Amen-Ra, the Egyptian sun-god. Amen is also found in Revelation 3:14;
  • Based on translation, Thoth states, “I began this incarnation from aeon to aeon where the river of life flows eternally onward.” In John 7:38, he that believes in me… out of his being shall flow rivers if living waters;
  • Donahue then references Genesis 2:10-14 which mentions “river of life into four heads” and juxtaposes with Stedman’s Medical Dictionary that references a river of cerebral spinal fluid into four chambers of the brain;
  • Thoth <–> Hermes (Greeks) <–> Jesus?

Source: Bill Donahue’s YT channel

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