Video: Ska Vengers v. Hindu Nationalists (and Swastikas?)

FlipboardCoverThe DΨvil in the dΨtail: “Modi, A Message to You” is a song squarely aimed at Narendra Modi, the controversial Hindu nationalist who’s considered the frontrunner to be elected the next prime minister in India’s current elections. The song blasts Modi, the top elected official in the state of Gujarat, for a long list of alleged wrongdoings.

The music video ends very pointedly with swastikas spinning in a cartoonish rendering of Modi’s eyes. The band’s lead singer, who goes by the name Delhi Sultanate, says he has good reason for denouncing Modi. “In 2002, we had terrible riots in the state of Gujarat, some people have described it as a progrom in which more than 2,000 Muslims had been killed. Many people are convinced that he played a direct role in these riots.”

Read more, and listen to the interview: The Indian band Ska Vengers pulls no punches in a new song blasting a political frontrunner

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