Video: Captain America 2: “Hydra” advances Operation Paperclip for New World Order

The DΨvil in the dΨtail: How critical is the time of the world where we must choose intel over hostages? Might the ideology of Operation Paperclip scientists remain active to this day? Though the film may answer these questions in the second installment of Captain America, viewers and seers are led to believe “Hydra” — the enemy force — is planning an attack on Moscow and Chicago (a seemingly strange pairing… or is it?) for the next installments. Stay tuned for Avengers 2: Age of Ultron and Captain America 3.

Meanwhile, view the entire The Winter Soldier film (thru the end credits, of course), and either… wake up or prepare!

Expose the dΨvil in the dΨtails. Leave a Reply.

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