Forbes: Megaupload Is Dead, Long Live Mega: By Reinventing The Internet

Kim Dotcom’s Megaupload is of course dead. The US Government managed to get the plug pulled on the system and are trying to extradite Dotcom and his associates from New Zealand to stand trial. That attempt does seem to be running into some legal trouble given that the Feds seem not to have understood the laws of that country. But leave those fun and games aside, Dotcom is attempting at least to relaunch as Mega. And to do so he is in essence reinventing one of the basic points of the internet itself:

They call it Mega and describe it as a unique tool that will solve the liability problems faced by cloud storage services, enhance the privacy rights of internet users, and provide themselves with a simple new business. Meanwhile, critics fear that Mega is simply a revamped version of Megaupload, cleverly designed to skirt the old business’s legal issues without addressing the concerns of Internet piracy.
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