SFGate: Snoutless hero dog has tumor, needs chemotherapy

Snoutless hero dog has tumor, needs chemotherapy A veterinarian at UC Davis revealed Tuesday that the dog named Kabang has heartworm and an aggressive cancerous tumor that could prove deadly if treatment isn’t started promptly. “Fortunately for Kabang, her disease is not very advanced,” said Dr. Jane Sykes, an infectious disease specialist in the university’s small animal clinic. Kabang became an unlikely sensation in the Philippines after her snout and upper jaw were sliced off when she reportedly threw herself into the path of a speeding motorcycle just as it was about to hit two young girls crossing a roadway in Zamboanga City. Kabang was brought to the William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, at UC Davis, thanks to a remarkable campaign, including donations from 20 countries, paid for airfare and treatment. “Worms were actually seen in her pulmonary arteries,” Sykes said about the heartworm, a parasitic roundworm spread by mosquitoes that can cause congestive heart failure and is typically treated using an arsenic-based compound. The newly discovered ailments are likely to raise the price of medical treatment past the original $10,000 estimate, but officials said they believe there is currently enough money to cover the cost.
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