23 September, 2012 05:00

I am going to start fwdg everything now
Btw…ystrdy I fwd Wht I agreed with
Fwd:The exotic dancers reference did not hit me the way it hit you, but now that you mention it… they are somewhat biblical.
Fwd:the Bible speaks much about power. If the subject matter is about a man with great power then… it is the exotic dancer (or beautiful woman) that can mo Fwd:st easily render such a man harmless, e.g. Sarai.
Fwd:Sarai got pimped off because SHE had the power to seduce wealth and power. to me, women dont fuck… they lure. Men fuck and blow seed because THAT is th
Fwd:eir instinctual function. Women LURE seed & power & possessions at all costs instinctually.
Fwd:The womb is ain’t no joke to me. It’s metaphysically magnetic, and attracts actions and objects of sin. Deeeeep. Wooooow. Fwd:Wooooooooow.
Fwd:if i were Satan…….
Fwd:I would collect and control wombs, have them operating on the same schedule, and convince the world that “men” are bad so as to hide my maneuvers of port Fwd:ent behind the womb.
Fwd:A women LURES men just like plants and flowers lure birds and bees. Fwd:if true in the slightest then i wonder if you have tried to LURE me. Fwd:your sister has already seduced me.
Fwd:looking at your pops, brother, marvin, vernon… and the end of life dont look so great for them that got near such wombs. Maybe Marvin is the best off
Fwd:out of all cuz he “got away” the earliest? Just thinking, and pardon the implication, but just thinking. Fwd:and perish the thought
for those men that get near and stay with Tianna and K2’s wombs?

Fwd:Tianna tried to stab her man to death. K2 telling ME i coulda got shot – she foretelling? YOU already TRIED to shoot a man. Your father had his voice tak Fwd:en. And Steve getting sucked dry now by a Russian.
Fwd:your mother LURED your father and HE is scared of HER calling HIMSELF chicken. Fwd:deep.
Fwd:My boy got lured.
Fwd:ya’ll are sick.
Fwd:and your father is showing signs like you the evil one when it is his WIFE if anyone that is the cause of his missing voice, and SHE got the nerve to ask Fwd: you what YOU did to HIM.
Fwd:Your pussy might be
all good but your womb
is dangerous Rick.

Fwd:It’s in the soil.
Fwd:The Jamaican soil.
Fwd:yes i see it now. you lured me. wow. the whole world
is the phucking matrix.

Fwd:your mother lured
your father for his power. wow.

Fwd:you have spoken to me
for years about my power. wow.

Fwd:holy shit.
Fwd:and there is still that one “demon” we rapped about that remains out of sight but aint causing you no fear. Fwd:and weren’t you once dating Frank or there was an interest? wow.
I said the titles bc that is what u did. I tried to follow ur ex of what u or how u do. Just couldn’t get the sir names.
…never an interest and never dated frank…so funny you went thr, bc Kim said when we were younger (as i have said b4, not that he is not a handsome young man, he was never my flavor. My flav was never “light skin”…just didn’t go thr) he used to hang around me and that he liked me. Whn I looked back, sometime ago, yrs, I realized that about the guys in church growing up. They liked me, even if they were younger or older, some much older. And at this particular time of me understanding power, realized it was the fact that I was the pastors’ daughter.
There is some merit to what you are saying…however, if a “womb” carrier does not KNOW its power…then it becomes dangerous or to a degree deems or renders its “package” useless or powerless or insignificant. Amazing it is a man…u…that has this great insight. I don’t blv in my heart u r the 1st to “see” this, not bc of anything except that “nothing is new under the sun”. I “saw” it to a degree.
I have not mastered your tone in text yet…however, should u allow yourself to have a female child, plz speak pleasantly and lovingly into your wife about her womb and the power thereof and teach her to speak this wisdom and life into her fem child/ren as well. And you being the giver of the seed into the womb, teach ur fem seed with care and love, that she may teach. This is a blessing to receive from a man, a father…more than opening her car door, though that has its significance also. Teach ur sons as well that they may bless wombs along their way. Never sexing them…until the Worthy one comes along. Teaching them to care and b careful & not be mislead/seduced or allow fems to “express”/ drop their demons into ur sons by those who have no understanding or r sent to mess up the powerful bloodline u r now creating.

Fwd:Me? The first to see? Nah, just like you said, no. But i do share that i am either “still waking up” or — if already awakened — lightening up, and inte
(1/2) Fwd:Maybe u will bless the world with this info in written form once u have totally mastered the topic. Then this amazing info will live on past ur human (2/2) exsistance (spell chk) and reach places ur feet will never tread.
Fwd:Me? The first to see? Nah, just like you said, no. But i do share that i am either “still waking up” or — if already awakened — lightening up, and inte
Fwd:nsifying illumination on things i’ve not yet contemplated from within this particular earthy body. Done!