RussiaToday: Mind-controlled legs give paralyzed people hope of walking again

Wheelchair-bound paralyzed patients have been given a ray of hope – they can be returned to physical activity via a robotic leg prosthesis controlled by the brain, which has been successfully tested by a team of US researchers.

The medical team from the University of California campus in Irvine, together with the Long Beach Veterans Affairs Medical Center in California, has succeeded in connecting a mind-computer interface to a robotic leg, which will give a chance of walking again to patients with spinal cord injuries.

The team built and successfully tested a prosthetic lower limb that can be controlled in real time by electroencephalogram (EEG) signals fed into a computer.

“This finding represents the first successful demonstration of a Brain-Computer Interface (BCI)- controlled lower extremity prosthesis for independent ambulation,” the science, research and technology news website quotes the researchers as stating…
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