Examiner.com: Compassion Fatigue and suicide haunt animal care professionals

In our daily effort to improve and save the lives of animals, no one is immune to the emotional toll it can take on our mental and physical wellbeing. “The stress hits me in the form of insomnia. I can be up all night worrying about what may happen to various rescue animals,” says a long-time animal shelter professional and rescue volunteer.

Because of the intense stress related to her job and volunteerism, this animal welfare advocate emphasizes the need to do something else. “If I’m having a hard day, I just take a walk along the beach. I find it calming.” Leaving her cellphone behind, she finds a secluded spot to walk, kayak, or simply watch the waves roll in. “Spending time in or on the water helps take my mind off of things. A mini-break from it all.” This dedicated animal care worker sums up the pressure, “I do what I can but I can’t save them all. It’s horrible to think about, but I can’t.”

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