Master Hackers likened to Top World War II German Scientists

Dr. von Braun became Director of the NASA Mars...

Dr. von Braun became Director of the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center on July 1, 1960. Français : Le Dr. Von Braun, directeur du centre de vol spatial de la NASA, mai 1964 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

John Arquilla, a professor of defence analysis at the US Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, stated that the US could leverage the expertise and experience of hacking experts for an effective cyber war against terrorists and traditional government foes, e.g. Iran, according to Rory Carroll and The Guardian.  He cited U.S. precedence of using such enemies-turned-allies of German rocket scientists that were enlisted after the second world war, did not specifically refer to Project Paperclip but did note that the US had convinced Wernher von Braun, Hitler‘s top scientist, to play a major role in the US rocketry and space programs.

The DTails: An example of strict law, political agenda and/or traditional military strategy designating criminals and enemies giving way to common interest, flexible subjectivity, and the adage “an enemy of my enemy is my friend.” 
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