Daily Mail – UK: BBC boss Peter Horrocks’ email reveals journalists were asked to write “money-making” stories

The BBC has told its own journalists they must come up with ideas to make the corporation more money, a leaked e-mail has revealed.

Management are insisting its 2,400 staff at BBC Worldwide devise cash-generating schemes to present at their staff appraisals, calling into question its future editorial independence.

With the BBC already making redundancies and budget cuts, journalists have been told they must: "exploit new commercial opportunities (and) maximise the value we create with our journalism."

Critics fear that this could lead to them ignoring important stories across the globe in favour of ones that will bring in extra cash.

It came as the corporation is being investigated by media watchdog Ofcom, who are looking into how some BBC World News programmes became "commercially influenced".

BBC bosses have already apologised for these mistakes.

Peter Horrocks, the director of BBC Global News, told his journalists that their official appraisals will include an objective section on their ability to generate cash…
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