Sphinx is traditionally dated 2500 BC, which, at current accoutns of history, places the

however, erosiion on body of phyixn anfd the dgeree of the erosion seems not to be consistent with the arid conditions of the sahara desert.  what he sees are erosion conditions of the sphynx that reflects a diffrent weathering of the pshynci… rainfall and moisyture precipation.  water erosion.  there seems to be a disconneect.  and implies that this structure was liekly built possibly around 4500 BC by a different regime.

head appears to have been recarved and in its current state is not in proportion to the body.

incedible deep weathing along the two dies and the front.  the rump appears to have been recavred during dynatics times, i.e. the egyptnians appear to have recarved.

the word sphynx seems to have no origin… eytomolgoy or

chamber under left paw

ARE – assoc research and enlightment aka edgar casey foundation, who precidcted a hall of record on atlantis under the right paw.  dispute as to which paw, but is there a hall?

not arab history, most egytpians are arabs.  not much care about pharonic egytp.

sumaria and egypt – 3500 BC for about a centurry.

yet, the evidence now seems to show that the phynzx could have been just after or aound the 9700 ice age BC.

at the same time, in turkey, there is a structure – The first structures at Göbekli Tepe were built as early as 10,000 B.C.,

Robert M schoch